Sunday, 9 October 2016

Download Free Police Shoot Racing APK for Android and Tablets

Download Free Police Shoot Racing APK (Police Shooting Traffic Chase) for Android and Tablets. The game is full of fun and a real racing 3d game. With a lots of options and tasks the game is full of thrill. It allows you to experience the most epic chase on the road. The criminals are on the run and you need to catch or shoot them down. Proving you the most customized car, having machine gun and missile installed on it. The drug mafia, land mafia and the terrorists are out there on the public places, disturbing the peace of the city. Your duty is to bring the peace back and crack down and enforce the law.

You must have played many racing games but the excitement of this free racing game is that you get a chance of testing your driving and shooting skills all together. 
So let’s hit the road and drive like a pro and shoot like an American sniper. An exciting gameplay, shoot and earn the points. A lot of pickups on your way chasing the enemies. Beware!! It’s a public place, criminals will be driving through the city, shopping malls, schoolyard, hospitals, public parking, so make sure you don’t hit any innocent.
This is one of the top free games in racing.
The mission is called “real racing chase”
Top game features
-Challenging tracks 
-Difficult missions
-Realistic city environment
-Cool physics of cars
-Machine gun and missile attacks
-Optimized controls
-Real sound effects

This game is for hardcore gamers who enjoy the top latest Shooting, Racing, FPS, simulation games. Never before will you have found yourself being a real racing shooter
Free Police Shoot Racing game APK is available by clicking the download link given below. The game is perfect for Police and Thrill lovers.

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