Thursday, 27 October 2016

Download Helicopter Simulator 2016 Free APK

Download Free Helicopter Simulator 2016 APK for Android and Tablets. If you are helicopter flying lover. Here is the best App of Helicopter Simulator for you. Start the Helicopter and enjoy the fun of Flying. The App is full of good 3D graphics with beautiful sceneries and locations and realistic sounds.  Fly from your locations and land it on another site.  Are you ready for an amazing helicopter flight simulator?
On Helicopter Flight Simulator 2016 you will fly through a huge set of missions, using the top military and civilian helicopters during day or night on realistic weather conditions in New York city.
- 28 helicopters
- Five different weather forecasts, including day and night flights
- Living scenario, ground vehicles and air traffic
- 3240 missions
- Career
- Military
- Coast Guard
- Television Broadcast
- Transport
- City Tour
- Army missions including shooting missiles at moving targets
- Fire and Rescue
- Time attack and fly through dangerous locations
- Transport weapons, VIP passengers, skydivers and cargo.
Feel free to contact us to give your feedback, have a nice flight!

Download Free Helicopter Simulator 2016 APK on your device by clicking the provided link below and become a helicopter pilot. The app is best for flying lovers and skillful persons. After installing this app visit us again for more updates with best and safe downloads for your devices.

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