Saturday, 3 December 2016

Kingdom Story: Brave Legion apk Free Download

Kingdom Story: Brave Legion apk free download for android and tablets. The best game of action and battle. A theme from the Chinese dynasties and great wars. A funny and whimsical take on Romance of Three Kingdoms like never done before! Enjoy deep gameplay and spectacular spell effects in Kingdom Story! In this game you can collect the tons of warriors and arms to fight. While before attacking on enemy build your base just away from the formidable city. The real game made from the great wars of Chinese history. The game is designed in HD graphics and best quality of sounds. Take over China in World Domination mode! This game Kingdom Story: Brave Legion is specially designed for them who are interested in Chinese wars and history.
Interested in Chinese history? Loved Dynasty Warriors? Fan of RPGs with tons of cool characters? Kingdom Story is the mobile RPG for you!
Kingdom Story: Brave Legion apk free download
Kingdom Story: Brave Legion apk

The greatest and most famous warriors from Chinese history all make an appearance here! Guan Yu, Zhao Yun, Gan Ning, Zhuge Liang and many more to collect. Strategically mix and match your lineup to take advantage of team-up bonuses that come from characters' relationships!
World Domination mode provides a unique experience! Start out in your outpost on a map of ancient China, take over territories and appoint your generals as governors! Beware of rebellions and invasions from rival factions!
Kingdom Story is a comedic and lighthearted take on the Romance of Three Kingdoms, the most famous piece of Chinese literature. Get to know about the deviousness of the Wei ruler Cao Cao, the courageousness of the hero Guan Yu and the genius of the Chinese strategist Zhuge Liang!
Beginning with just a small military outpost, construct farms, walls, mines, and even hotsprings to your heart's desire and grow your base into the greatest military city of ancient China! The look and layout of the base is yours to decide!
Kingdom Story's PVP is strategic and satisfying. Decide your formation amongst Strategists, Melee Warriors, Mid-Range Warriors, Archers and Royals, each with different skills and abilities. Mix and match and form the best team that steamrolls the competition.
Kingdom Story: Brave Legion apk free download
Kingdom Story: Brave Legion apk free download

Kingdom Story: Brave Legion apk free Download Kingdom Story today and start the great wars of history of Chinese kingdoms. While after Kingdom Story: Brave Legion apk free download from the link install it on your device and start the game and enjoy the real fun of historic battles. The game can play on almost all brands of android devices. You can download your favorite games and apps from the and enjoy the fun. Looking for your precious feedback and comments below.

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