Wednesday, 8 December 2021

AXIE Infinity APK Latest Version 2022 For Android Mobile And Tablets

AXIE Infinity is online video game and one of the most popular Ethereum compatible play to earn . This game uses cryptocurrency to stand up a new kind of video game you can earn meaningful income just by playing. The Axis Infinity made by Vietnam based company named by Sky Mavis. It is a social network where all the participant are buying and selling goods with real money.  "Axie is just the beginning ". said Arianna Simpon, a partner at Andreessen Horowitz who led the firm's Axie investment . It is a virtual world full of fierce ,adorable pets called Axies. Axies can be battled , collected and even used to earn cryptocurrencies with real value.. Through playing users are rewarded with the in- game token SLP which is used to breed and train more Axies can also be traded on crypto exchange. Most of the people take interest to play this game . It is amazing and wonderful game .


It is digital creature that roam the earth . They can breed and pass down there unique traits .Each and every Axies need seven times to breed up.

Axie is play to earn cryptocurrency game:-

  • Play to earn is a relatively new form of gaming.
  • Player in this game earn cryptocurrency token.
  • They can trade on decentralization exchange  for hard cash.
  • Player own cute creature called Axies.
  • Every Axies  is non fungible token.
  • Unique digital collectible .
  • Whole economy in the game.
Need three Axies In Game:- 

  • More likely to buy AXS token .
  • Axies infinity is not geared towards investors.
  • Community encourage token holders to participate.
  • Participation get expensive.
  • Axies can breed up to seven times before they go sterile.

Benefits Of Axie Infinity :-

  • A lot of benefits that user gain when they participate.
  • The backchain based trading and batteling game.
  • Game is entertaining.
  • You spend a lot of time to explore.

  • It is open source nature.
  • Developer behind the concept encourage other community member.
  • To create tools to better to overall user experience
  • User gain is benefit
  • Complete quests to earn energy.

Features Of Game:-

  • Competing in PVP battles to win leaderboard.
  • Breedind Axies and selling them on the market place.
  • Collecting and sepeculating on area Axies.
  • Farming for the love potion and selling them.
  • Use in game AXS token to buy digital goods and assets within the world of Axies infinity.
How To Play :-

  • Player need to create an Ethereum Wallet .
  • Create an Axies infinity account .
  • Then you use it to log into Axies infinity directly
  • Download browser extension



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