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Draughts Game apk Download free for Android and Tablets 2022

Draughts Game apk:-

Draughts Game apk download free for Android and tablets. One of the best and most popular board games is here for your smart device. Worldwide fabulous and famous game is now on your fingertips to play. This Draughts Game was played in past on board from ancient times to a few years back, now the technology brought it into the smart device that you can play it anywhere anytime alone or online with other players, friends and with family members. Start the fun, show your skills and become a legend. In this game there are various rules depends on you that where are you from and which rule you want to follow. 
international draughts apk

The rules include:

·       English Draughts (Checkers) or American Checkers
·       Russian Draughts
·       Brazilian Draughts
·       International Draughts (Polish)
·       Spanish Draughts
·       Italian Draughts
·       Thai Draughts also called Makhos
·       Turkish Draughts
·       Czech Draughts
·       Pool Draughts
·       Ghanaian Draughts (Damii)
·       Nigerian Draughts (Drafts)

Choose the rule which you know and start the fun. This Draughts Game has beautiful and vivid graphics and good sound effects which makes the game more nice and beautiful. Fantastic and great skill levels that help the player to learn from top to bottom. Once you will start the game, you can learn to play other checker's styles around the world.

Draughts Game Features

  • Very simple and easy to play
  • Good and easy game controls
  • Online coordination and strategy
  • Master your e-Skills while topping the leaderboards and individuals
  • Two players in online mode
  • Various themes in seven beautiful colors
  • 3D and 2D board view
  • Levels of difficulty are 10
  • Automatically saves the game
  • Light and easy to download and install
  • Draughts Game for Android free
  • Draughts Game apk download free
international draughts apk international draughts apk

How to Install and download Draughts Game apk on Android
Draughts Game apk download for Android devices free from below safe and secured download links and install the best and your favorite and free board game on your smart device. This Draughts Game apk can be installed on almost all kinds and brands of Android devices and requires the Android version of 4.3.1 and up.  The installation is very simple; just click the link below for apk file installation help.
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