Egyptian striker Mohamed Salah suffers ‘serious tear in hamstring’

An injury that has been identified as a “proper tear in his hamstring” has been identified as the condition that has been detected in Mohamed Salah, who is a great player for Liverpool, according to Pep Lijnders, the assistant manager. Pep Lijnders was the one who shared this information with us.

Salah, who is 31 years old, was hauled out of the game during Egypt’s encounter against Ghana in the Africa Cup of Nations, which took place on Thursday in Ivory Coast. The match was played in Ivory Coast. The game was played in the country of Ivory Coast.

In the encounter that took place on Monday, Egypt and Cape Verde competed against one another, and the result was an exciting tie with a score of 2-2. Egypt was able to proceed to the round of sixteen as a consequence of this result, where they would compete against other teams. The game was being viewed from the stands, so he went there to see it.

Lijnders makes the point that “provided that everything goes according to plan, it is anticipated that [he will] return within three to four weeks.”

“It will go smooth and it will go right because of how we’ve treated his body before.”

It has been stated by Liverpool that Mohamed Salah will be returning to the club on Wednesday for what is being termed as a “intensive rehabilitation schedule.” This information was obtained from several sources. According to these reports from Liverpool, this information was obtained from the source.

On the other hand, the therapy that he will get will bring him back into action as quickly as possible for both his club and his nation. This will be the goal of the treatment that he will receive. This will significantly boost his chances of returning to the African Cup of Nations and participate in the event. His chances of doing so will also significantly rise. At the time, we were under the notion that he had suffered an injury that was “worse than first feared.”

In order to determine whether or not they will go on to the quarterfinals, Egypt will face the side that finished in second place in Group F on Sunday. This match will determine whether or not Egypt will progress to the next round. The result of this match will be the deciding factor in matters concerning Egypt. The match that will determine who will win the championship is scheduled to take place on August 8th, 2018.

Jurgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, said on Sunday that it “makes sense” for Mohamed Salah to finish his rehabilitation at the club and then return to Egypt if he recovers in time and Egypt continues to be in the tournament. This comes in the event that Egypt continues to be in the competition. In the event that Salah is allowed to go back to Egypt, this advice was made about the matter. Taking into consideration the fact that Mohammed Salah is now playing for Liverpool, this remark was made in reaction to the scenario.

“I always said before what I’m really happy about is the medical team of Egypt and the medical team of Liverpool really worked together and were in close contact and both made this decision,” Lijnders said during a conversation over the telephone.

“It’s an example of how international football and club football should operate to put the player in the centre.”

Mohamed Salah should continue to play for Egypt, according to Ahmed Hassan, who holds the record for the most appearances for the squad. Hassan feels that Salah should continue to play for the country “even if he only had one leg to stand on.” It is now Hassan who is serving as the captain of Egypt’s national squad. As of right now, Hassan is the one who is in possession of the record for this.

“The one you should never doubt the commitment of is Mo Salah,” Lijnders said. “He is the leader of the team.” “He is the leader of the team.”

The whole country, to the best of my understanding, is in complete and total amazement at the news of his demise. The fact of the matter is that he is a really large individual. The medical professionals from both our organization and theirs came to the judgment that he should return for the express purpose of presenting Egypt with the best possible chance to advance to the final. This was the only reason for his return. The sole thing that influenced them to make their decision was this particular purpose.

The most recent of Egypt’s seven triumphs in the Africa Cup of Nations was earned in 2010, which was twelve months before to Salah’s debut participation in the tournament.

This victory was Egypt’s seventh overall. In all, Egypt won seven victories with this triumph. Egypt was able to achieve the position of second rank over the years 2017 and 2021. This was an achievement for Egypt.

Egypt’s first game of the season was played against Mozambique, which was the opponent that they defeated. There was a factor that allowed Egypt to tie the match with Mozambique at 2-2. That reason was the penalty shot that was scored by Salah in the very final minute of the play.

This week, he has expressed his belief that Egypt would emerge triumphant in the Africa Cup of Nations “soon.” He has made this statement on many occasions during the course of this week.

In his words, “I wouldn’t mind if I were to win it,” and he is absolutely correct in his statement. My intuition tells me that this is what will happen, and I believe that it will happen in some form. My prediction is that it will definitely happen. My convictions lead me to believe that I am able to do whatever it is that I set out to do.

While it is true that I have won everything that was within my reach to win, I have not yet won this particular one. I have won everything else that was within my reach to win. Everyone is aware of the importance that winning an Africa Cup must have for any athlete, and this is something that is accepted by everyone everywhere. This is something that is taken into consideration by everyone.

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